Our Story

Made in Maine. Innovative and Technical Shapes. Art in Your Turns.

West Mountain Ski Company was born at Sugarloaf/USA in 2015, a year after Winterstick Snowboards moved its production there. Winterstick was one of the founding fathers of snowboarding back in 1972, when the Founders engineered a Swallowtail board made to surf the snow.

Winterstick transformed into a hands-on manufacturer when it moved to the Loaf, and Maine's reputation for quality manufacturing was quickly realized in snowboards; West Mountain Facory started building some of the best Handmade Freedom Machines in the world. Like our snowboard siblings, skiers have similar passion for adventure, so it wasn't long before the locals started asking for their own handmade freedom machines... and West Mountain Ski Company started delivering the goods.

West Mountain Ski Company embraces the spirit of innovation and adventure that motivates Winterstick, and we are committed to building the best skis we know how. We design, engineer and build every piece and part of our skis from start to finish: straight-grain cores, environmentally friendly epoxy, three top-quality base choices, full-wrap steel edges, traditional and progressive structural layers. West Mountain Ski Company is proud to be pushing the boundaries of performance, manufacturing, and sustainability.

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