The Whips are designed to carve. With a full camber profile the Whips want to turn in all snow conditions. Short radius SL turns or longer radius GS turns these skis will delight with smooth transition from turn to turn.


The ski get’s its super performance from our “Mainer Wood Core”. Using locally sourced Maple and Poplar that is hand selected for its full grain and high quality. Each ski core is made right here at our factory at Sugarloaf, Maine to ensure your ski begins its journey with the best possible foundation. The sidewall material is Maple which has better performance characteristics than P-tex sidewalls and is much better for our environment. Our wood veneer top sheets are all FCS Certified and completely unique. Choose from Curly Maple, Domestic Gum, Elm, Walnut, Cherry, or Turkey Feather Ash.


We fully wrap each ski with specially treated steel metal edges for durability and peak performance and use DuraSurf base material. For those who are looking for speed we also have ISOSPEED Cold and All Temp World Cup race base material available for custom orders. Titinal can also be added on custom models for added damping and weight. 

Whip 80

  • Whip 80 Specs

    Length [cm] 174 162
    Nose Width [mm] 125 125
    Waist Width [mm] 80 80
    Tail Width [mm] 111 111
    Sidecut Radius [m] 16.5 14